Quote and Reservation Questions 

   Is quotation free?
      Yes, it’s free. Please feel free to contact us.
   From where can I prepare quotation?
      You can prepare quotation on this site. Or you can request from e-mail.
   How long does it take from a quotation request to the answer?
      In principle, we will answer you within 48 hours. If you in a hurry,
      let us know that when you ask a quotation.
   How long in advance before departure do I have to make a reservation?
      We recommend you to make a reservation soon after you decide your trip to some extent.
      Bus availability changes from day to day and is filled with reservation depending on a day.
   What kind of vehicles can I make a reservation?
      You can make a reservation as follows: Van(up to 6 people),
      A Hi-ace Van (up to 8 to 10 people), A Mini Bus up to 20 people),
      A Medium Size Bus (up to 27 people) and A Full Size Bus (up to 49 people).
      If you have suitcase or others to load, talk to us about the trunk size, please.
   Can I ask a vehicle not listed on the site?
      It depends on the area you're visiting. Please ask us.
   Where are Japan Bus Charter provided in Japan?
      We provide vehicles in all around Japan.
   What information is necessary to make a reservation?
      The places and the time you get on and off, the number of people on board,
      a telephone number of a person in charge and a payment method are necessary.
   How is the process to set the price?
      For a bus, it is calculated by the day you use, the driving distance,
      the length of time and the type of vehicle.